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Website Development
We offer website development for any industry. Our main focus is responsive, clean and professional. We can create bespoke websites to suite your requirements.

The technology we use is based off the tier of website, if you need any server interaction etc we use .Net Core 2.1+ and we use C# as the back end. If your website requires a Database we can easily incorporate this. Price is dependant on the database technology you choose and the target availability.

Extra features such as a user management system, file storing etc. You will be looking at a Web Application.

The process start with us talking to you and identifying your requirements. We will offer advice and suggestions during this stage. Once we have agreed on requirements, we can arrange any additional Photography & Videography services needed. We will then quote and wireframe. The wireframe is the initial design, this can be skipped to save time if needed. Providing you are happy with the quote and design, we will then proceed development. During development you will have access to your development site which allows you to see the website whilst it's being developed. The development website will be updated once a week, during this time you may give feedback and request more in depth updates.

When we come close to completing development, we will make sure you are happy to move to the next stage. The next stage being 'Polishing'. At this point we get the website ready for search engines by adding meta tags etc. Changes to the website during this stage will occur extra development charges.

We are able to Host your website and also manage your Domain if needed.

If you're interested in this service please Contact Us for a quote.