Website Development in Southampton

Regardless of industry or size, we're here to help!
We offer website development for any industry. Our focus is responsive, clean and professional. We can create bespoke websites to suit your requirements.

The technology we use is based off the tier of website, if you need any server interaction etc we use .Net Core 3+ and we use C# as the back end. If your website requires a Database, we can easily incorporate this - Price is dependent on the database technology you choose and the target availability.
Southampton is a strong marine city; Digital Batch is proud to be able to offer the business owners of Southampton strong and reliable IT services. Our main goal is to support businesses to be able to grow to their next level. If you require any IT services just let us know how we can help.
Why do I need a website?
A website can benefit a company in many ways from increasing sales to raising brand awareness. Simplistic websites are mainly for growing your brands awareness and establishing your internet presence. This can then be taken a step further by adding features, like your products to help increase sales etc.
Our Website Packages
We have a team of full stack developers that can develop any kind of Application/Website, all we need to know are your requirements. Our highly rated, friendly developers keep in constant communication and provide updates throughout the entire process.

Our website packages include:
Initial SEO
Privacy Policy
The Process
The process starts with us talking to you and identifying your requirements. We will offer advice and suggestions during this stage. Once we have agreed on requirements, we can arrange any additional Photography & Videography services needed.
Providing you are happy with the quote and design direction; we will then proceed development. During development you will have access to your development site which allows you to see the website whilst it's being developed.
Classic Site
A classic site is used to increase brand awareness or to establish an online presence. This type of website can be used to display contact information and explain your business and what it does etc.

Perfect for small businesses as it helps:
Online Presence
Increased Visibility on Google
Brochure Site
This is the next step in the website chain. Brochure sites are similar to classic sites with one major difference: You have an online catalogue of products or services where you can include information or downloads etc.

This type of site is perfect for businesses with a lot of products/services or if you want downloads/manuals. This can result in:
Increased Visibility of Services/Products on Google
Better Understanding of Services/Products
Reduced Support Calls
Increase in Leads
Ecommerce Site
This is the perfect site if you want to process sales through your website. Perfect for online stores and can be used to reduce stress on your sales team as it is self-sustaining and requires little management.

Having an ecommerce store can result in:
Increased Visibility of Products on Google
Better Understanding of Products
Reduced Support Calls
Increase in Sales
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