Software Development in Southampton

Regardless of industry or size, we're here to help!
We have a team of full stack developers that can develop any kind of Application/Website, all we need to know are your requirements. Our highly rated, friendly developers keep in constant communication and provide updates throughout the entire process.

Our software development packages are responsive and modern. We use up to date technologies and best practices, we follow GDPR and safety guidelines which involves encrypting data where needed. Each software package is unique and starts with us building a specification that you're happy with, development starts once the quote is agreed and the specification meets your needs. Our aim is to make a perfect solution to the problem that you are having.

We have an amazing After Care Package to help keep your new software package up to date.
Southampton is a strong marine city; Digital Batch is proud to be able to offer the business owners of Southampton strong and reliable IT services. Our main goal is to support businesses to be able to grow to their next level. If you require any IT services just let us know how we can help.
Supported Software Technologies
We support a range of software technologies to help meet your needs, below are some of the ones that we'd recommend for your products:
.Net Core 3+
Supported Database Technologies
We use database technologies that help achieve solid data performance and reliability:
Amazon Aurora
Supported Hosting Services
We put all of our packages in the cloud unless requested otherwise, by doing so you're able to scale to any size; as and when needed:
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Our software packages are made bespoke for each client as everyones needs are slightly different. So please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help!
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