IT Support in Cosham

Regardless of industry or size, we're here to help!
We can take the hassle out of your business and manage your IT systems with industry leading IT support; we provide detailed reports to keep you constantly updated.

We provide security to protect against external and internal threats. We're able to roll out and manage the award winning Kaspersky across your business and monitor it remotely as well as deal with any support requests remotely or in person. We also help on the hardware side and provision systems to meet your needs and budget which also includes hardware diagnostics.

Callouts are available for site visits as well as hardware installs/maintenance.
Digital Batch can offer businesses of Cosham bespoke IT and software solutions. With the large number of businesses in and around the Portsmouth area, we decided that offering people an option to get all their IT services from one place. Convenience and reliability is what we aim for.
Work Stations
With our remote IT management software we're able to control and fix your entire system from anywhere at anytime. We can make sure that your systems are running to their maximum performance, as we'll be alerted to issues before you're even aware that anything is wrong.

We offer a range of features such as:
Remote Support
Location Monitoring
Hardware Monitoring
Hardware Diagnostics
Managing your onsite servers can become a daily task but we're able to offer the support that you need remotely. We understand that your servers can't be offline, so that's why we offer the ability for us to make sure that everything is running smooth whenever, wherever. This means you can spend less time worrying about your servers and more time running your business.

We offer a range of features such as:
Up-Time Monitoring
System Alarms
Security Alarms
Windows Server Management
In a digital world, we are always at risk of a cyber attack. We try our best to reduce the risk however the risk is always there. To help prevent cyber attacks we offer the award winning Kaspersky antivirus.

Kaspersky constantly monitors and scans your network to detect any threats. It checks emails and any attachments for viruses before presenting it to the user, it stops any virus from running on the system and also blocks any suspicious activity on the network.

We offer a range of features such as:
Kaspersky Antivirus
Patch Policies
Automated Backups
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