Aftercare Support in Selbourne

We look after our customers
Our Aftercare packages are here to support you by keeping all technologies up to date and maintained. We do not believe in making a product and then just sending it out into the world without making sure it works for its lifetime. That is why we offer Aftercare Support; this means that we will work with you to make the product perfect for as long as you need it. This is something that we can offer on not only systems that we have made for you but for an existing system that you may need some help with managing. If you have any questions or just need some advice feel free to contact us.
Businesses of Selbourne, Digital Batch is offering a reliable and robust list of services, that will help you launch your businesses into a stronger future. We can assist you with many IT related services from website design, advertising and IT support. We believe that we can help you take your business to the next level.
Website Support
We take the stress out of maintaining and updating your website. One of the issues with older websites is that the technologies get dated and the website gets left behind as the technology moves on. Meaning your business looks fresh and interesting to potential new clients and that no matter who lands on your site they will have a great experience.

With our website support plans we keep everything up to date and perform free content changes. We also monitor the servers and guaranteed uptime and autoscaling with a load balanced environment.

We offer a range of features such as:
Free Technology Updates
Free Content Changes
Server Monitoring
Auto Scaling With Load Balancer
Software Support
Keeping technologies up to date is important when your business relies on speed and performance. With our support plan we keep all technologies up to date and monitor all system servers such as databases or web servers etc. We setup alarms to avoid any down time as well as implementing a ticket system for you to log bugs/feature requests.

Our ticket system allows for easy issue logging and tracking through an easy to use dashboard.

We offer a range of features such as:
Ticket System
System Alarms
Server Monitoring
Server Upgrade/Downgrade
Technology Updates
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